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Birds of Fray Birdathon 2014


Please sponsor me, or join my team, the Birds of Fray, to support this year’s Birdathon. The annual Birdathon benefits Tucson Audubon Society’s conservation program.

The Birds of Fray take flight this year on April 6th. You can sign up for the Birds of Fray team by visiting the Birdathon website.

Why should you join our team? Well, we’ll be leaving Tucson early in the morning (but at a reasonably civilized hour, somewhere around sunrise) and heading to Sweetwater Wetlands, Madera Canyon and Patagonia, in a fairly laid back attempt to see and hear more than 100 species in one day. We’ll see a lot of birds, and have a lot of fun!

Plus, it will be my birthday! Come and help me celebrate.

Can’t make it? Then  please consider sponsoring our team. You can make a secure online donation by clicking here. All donations go directly to Tucson Audubon’s excellent conservation program, which benefits birds, wildlife, habitat and people in southeastern Arizona.

Thank you!


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Elegant Trogon Survey 2014

Elegant TrogonDo you want to spend a day or three in May and early June counting Elegant Trogons? Of course you do! In which case, you should sign up for the Elegant Trogon Survey.

Five of my friends from England will be with me in May, so I already have a full team for the surveys I’ll be taking part in. But there will be plenty more opportunities to join others and get out to some fabulous canyons in search of Arizona’s most enigmatic and most sought-after species.

Here’s the announcement, with contact details:


Once again Jennie MacFarland of Tucson Audubon Society and the Arizona IBA program is teaming up with Rick Taylor of Borderland Tours to conduct a census of breeding Elegant Trogons in SE Arizona. We are counting in four Sky Islands and one lower area. Each person/team will be assigned an area and have a few hours of staying put and listening for barking Trogons and then will be able to wander over their route in search of them. This is great fun and we have spread the dates out a little more than last year.

If you are interested in signing up should contact Jennie at


  • May 17 Saturday – Atascosa Highlands Elegant Trogon Survey
  • May 24 Saturday – Santa Rita Mountains Elegant Trogon Survey
  • May 25 Sunday – Patagonia Mountains Elegant Trogon Survey
  • May 31 Saturday – Huachuca Mountains Elegant Trogon Survey
  • June 1 Sunday – Chiricahua Mountains Elegant Trogon Survey

Thanks so much!

Rick and Jennie


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April Fun Birding Tour in SE Arizona

Scott's OrioleThere are just TWO spaces available on our all-inclusive April Fun Birding Tour in Southeast Arizona, which runs from the 20th to the 26th April 2014.

Do you want to see specialty birds such as Elegant Trogon, Red-faced Warbler, Olive Warbler, owls and hummingbirds galore?

Then don’t miss out – reserve your place on this fabulous tour now!

Please click here to make your reservation

Or here for more details of the tour.


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Belize: Habitat and Howling video

Here’s a quick video showing the excellent habitat near El Pilar in Belize, with the amazing and slightly scary background sound of roaring Yucatan Black Howler Monkeys. Turn up the volume!


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Fun Birding Tours Newsletter, Feb 2014

Fun Birding News, Feb 2014My slightly less than monthly Fun Birding News is out now!

I hope you enjoy it. If you’d like to get regular (ish) updates from Fun Birding Tours, please sign up for my free newsletter by filling the little form in the top right corner of this page.

I always like to hear what you think, so let me know. I’ll be in Belize until the 24th, but I can reply by email whenever I get wifi…